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Bad credit car loan applications can only be taken over the phone. To allow us to better understand your circumstances and increases the chance of approval, please call now to speak to one of our lending specialists.

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Cheap Car Loan Interest Rates! Really?

Don't spend too much time on finding the lowest car finance rate, as you know there are no miracles, so if somebody advertises an interest rate that is "too good to be true", there is always a catch.

You may end up paying more with "cheap" car finance rate - we've seen it many-many times.

In fact, charges associated with car finance vary significantly financier by financier and the difference can be measured in thousands of dollars, so when you decide on which lender or broker to choose, concentrate on monthly repayments instead of car loan interest rates.

Don't be trapped with fascinating "we'll get you the cheapest rate" promises just to find out (when it's too late) that you are paying a much higher than advertised interest rate.

You can be charged ridiculous 4% brokerage on top of far above the average Origination Fee; your "discounted" car loan interest rate can be built into a much higher car price and the list goes on and on.

If you buy from a car yard, the car dealer might offer to arrange finance for you. While dealer finance might seem more convenient, in most cases it doesn't mean that it offers lower rates and better terms.

Pay Less for Your Car Finance

When dealing with Car Loans 24/7 you can be assured that we will always be honest and transparent with you.

We have established relationships with the leading Australian car lenders, so you can be certain that you'll get competitive interest rates.

We care much more about retaining you as a customer for a long time than about making an extra buck today, so our fees will be minimal and based on the respective merits of your application.

We'll disclose every dollar we charge before you sign the documents.

We specialise in bad credit car loans and will be able to assist you.

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